NLR idea

For all of you rp server owners out there, have New life rules like this.

If someone randomly kills you, you may kill them back, but only once.
And no deathmatching.

Don’t ban me for the reason crap thread, that is not a reason.

crap thread

This is not a crap thread.
This is an idea for owners.
If I am banned that is unfair.

Welcome to Facepunch

And stop rating yourself.

This has been said many times before, I’m sorry but I doubt it will change

If someone RDM’s you, you’re supposed to report it to an admin, then RP like it never happened.

With your NLR, you’d just get DMing with “but he started it” as an excuse.

I was on a server that had rule and no one ever RDMed on it.

It’s a crap rule, this only invites for more bickering that kills weren’t “rdm” but allowed.