NLRP - The new wave of Roleplay!

[release]Welcome to the NLRP Role Play game mode developed by craze!

NLRP is a Light RP game mode. The goal of this RP, was to create a fun, light, enjoyable environment for people to come to and be a part of the community it is affiliated with.

We are currently in Public Beta, and need more people for ideas, suggestions, and play testing on the Gamemode.

Our Role’s include Construction Workers who will have the rights to build using the Phys and Tool guns, the Black Arms Dealers, who supply the populous with explosives of the sort, such as Breaches, and Bombs, and all the others that most of you know about already :wink:

The Custom GUI store menu catagorizes everything by purchasability by class, making it easier to make your selection!

The easy to use Inventory/Equip menu makes it effortless to equip, de-equip, use, and consume products!

The demotions and Warrants menus make being the Mayor SO much easier, with easy to access and use menus for warranting, lockdowns, and demoting, life is so much smoother![/release]

We have one server at the moment which is the NLRP Roleplaying server. We plan to have Sandbox, Garry’s Bots, Space Build, and MUCH more in the community as time passes!

NLRP Roleplay server:
NinjaMelons Community:

Why not just release the gamemode and better everyone?

Why on earth would we do that?

Another shitty dark RP edit… WHY DO PEOPLE NOT MAKE THEIR OWN SHIT!!!

Atleast it is an ‘OK’ Edit, Unliked The servers you see that say “Hl2 Roll-play seriuse no dumb adm1ns!!!” That is a real server, unfortunatly, IT was also a dark RP edit. Only class name changes… LOL.

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Look at the pictures, it’s a completely new gamemode.

I am disappointed how we are going to see the “constructor” class again. Can’t people just build for themselves? I don’t like having to either beg someone out of the class, or wait for 10 minutes as a constructor makes a terrible rope sign for me.

No, its a brand new gamemode. Coded from scratch.

Thanks for the input. Do you think it would work out all right if everyone had the ability to build, or would it end up horrible like darkrp? I wouldn’t mind changing it if people liked the idea.

Oh hey just to clarify as it wans’t mentioned in the first post, I’m the developer of NLRP. The guy who posted(aka FireStorm, not sure why he named his facepunch account like that) is the founder of the NM gmod community, which the gamemode is a part of. I’ll get him to edit this in when he wakes up.

Make it so that people can build on their own, and not have to wait for someone to poorly do it for them. People will just take the job so that they can spawn props, and not help anyone else.

Alright. Oh hey and i did read your post in that other thread in here, about too many classes etc. Was really thinking about that. What would everyone think if I removed a good portion of them(except the ones that have special functions) and allowed you to set your own job and buy as whatever class. I was thinking, having to go weapon merchant to buy shipments doesn’t stop people from changing right back to citizen and selling them that way, makes it rather pointless.

You are clearly stupid, ‘If i change all the GUI and Display elements it makes it a new gamemode.’ I can do that! So if i change the looks of dark RP, I can name it Penis Roleplay and say i made it from scratch? No, that HUD is from Dark RP, just compressed to be smaller, Get rid of the partial base hud, Stupid, Make your own. PICTURES DON’T MEAN ANYTHING, Which is the key thing im trying to put here, Although easily my statement can be reversed, it is unlikely. I say DARK RP EDIT.


I say lies until you prove otherwise.

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You sir, are an idiot. Get out of my thread.

Craze, hey it’s kuro. It isn’t coded from scratch, parts of that GUI are ripped from Cider, parts of it are ripped from Dark RP and a small tadbit of it is ripped from RP08 (I know because I made that hunger system for them, and that is the exact same bar that I designed).

Good luck though.

For gods sake, it doesn’t matter if it’s built from scratch or if he borrowed bits from other gamemodes. By ** publicly** releasing a gamemode on these forums you basically waive away the right to control who uses your gamemode. Forget about who or what he borrowed from, and concentrate on the actual gamemode.

The prices look extremely expensive from those screenshots: $10000 for a box?

You lost me when you reached the explosives part.

My thread! Thats my job! Get the hell out! (Edited main post)

This is for 10 boxxed pockets, which increace inventory size by 5 each.

None of the gui is ripped from cider, your code fucking blows. It was originally designed to LOOK like cider however, though that was abandoned after I realized it was a dumb idea. As for the hunger, I liked the RP08 graphics and tried to make mine as similar as possible. Do I have to fucking post code samples to back up my arguments here? I’ll fucking do it.

What did i tell you? Learn to code Lua yourselves, people will eventually catch you lying. Instantly.


Lol, kuro’s code is actually very well done, IMO.

[quote=“schumacher, post:17, topic:18051”]

What did i tell you? Learn to code Lua yourselves, people will eventually catch you lying. Instantly.

That’s very hypocritical of you Schu…

Fuck off, get out of my thread. Conna’s code really is shit, its a big cockslap about how much he likes nested tables. Its damn annoying and the structure of certain things is just plain stupid, case in point the way doors are handled in cider, or the way state changes(oh I’m sorry, networked bool changes with hardcoded interactions) are handled in cider, or team specific code for hooks is handled in cider, or anything is handled in cider as cider is shit. The sad part is, even if I post code samples comparing my code to cider/rp08, your stupid ass wouldn’t be able to comprehend it and you’d still think it was stolen. You don’t even have any proof of this, you just insist that its stolen. How about you go back to conna’s server where you belong, and don’t post anything unless you’re prepared to back it up with hard evidence(I know I sure am).

edit: Nice job on the dumb-spam, fanboys.

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Jesus, i didn’t ask for a troll… I actually /hate/ conna, Tbh.


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What is hypocritical? What did i say before?