NNEW 1/16! Rusty Tears | PVP | Sleepers | Door Share | Uncraftable Military | Rare C4/Grenades

This is a brand new server with active admins that won’t tolerate any sort of hacking. The server is a 50 slot server. It is a PvP server with sleepers on.
There are various mods to make the gameplay better. There is door sharing, 75% craft speed, adjusted loot tables, uncraftable modern guns/Kevlar, rare C4/Grenades, and more.

The admins do NOT play or chat in global on this server to avoid any conflict of interest.

To petition an admin for help: /adminhelp <message>


Sounds great!

Just switched on 75% craft speed! Air drops begin at 15!

So admins do the exact opposite thing that would show they are active, but are still active?

The admins answer questions and help but do not engage in small talk or interfere with player politics.

The admins have been helpful. They don’t interfere with gameplay, which is how it should be.

Nudity is uncensored on this server by default thanks to the admins twisted mind.