No achivements?

i’m not an " achivement hunter", but i kinda like them and since most of the games i own in steam have achivements,why doesn’t rust have them as well?

i’m just curious

an example of a possible one:

Explosive Tecnology --> craft C4

because its alpha and they’ve got more important stuff to work on than achievements?

true, but nice argument

They want to add achievements, but

I believe they are working on already … or for what are trading cards used!?

what i was looking for :smiley:

i had no idea of that, that is why i asked

These are the Steam trading cards which you earn while playing the game. You can trade them with other Steam users and get them all to show your large e-penis. This has nothing to do with archivements.

…ok, for me its also an achievement to receive trading cards :wink:
Like, been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
I presume if they add trading cards, achievements will follow … someday when the game is finished.

Yea, real archivements doesn’t make much sense when everything can change at any moment (think: You get an archivement for killing 100 red bears. Now red bears are going to be replaced so no player can earn that anymore). The trading cards on the other side are not connected to any game action, you just get them randomly while playing (or trade them with others) and AFAIK garry wants them to show things from the alpha (he even wants a killing wood trading card ;)).

So hopefully they will come, but there are also games on Steam that have trading cards but no archivements. Only time will tell.

I do not understand or I may will never but why would any kind of player want them or these trading cards. A cheap reward for playing a game… I dunno, but you know how I think of them haha

It’s about having stuff.


sence of acomplishment