No addons appearing, help is greatly appreciated!

Alright, so me and my brother were gonna play some Gmod after a long hiatus of not doing so. We’re gmod v9 vets, so we know what to do as far as installing addons, etc. We’ve reformatted our pc’s since our last time playing, so we have no addons. I went to, downloaded a bunch of stuff, and they all work fine in my game, so we did what we usually do, just copy and paste my garrysmod folder into his steamapps, as we have done for years. This time, though, none of the addons are showing up for him. No maps, no nothing. He did a clean reinstall, and downloaded some mods from, and even THEY didn’t work. Any suggestions?

tl;dr addons don’t show up for my bro.

Thanks for your time.

You’re sure that his setup is correct? His addons are in garrysmod\garrysmod\addons and not garrysmod\addons?

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Try and make sure he runs the game once before installing any addons.

100% sure. Like I said, we’ve been doing this for years…

I just copied my garrysmod folder to another friend and it worked, so yeah…

Still troubles with my bro, though.

There’s no way an addon that is correctly installed wont work unless something is wrong on the addon and he has re-installed gmod multiple times.

Show me the folder structure he uses when he pastes his addons. He must be doing something wrong.

I decided it was high time I create my own account. Here’s my addons folder, with the file structure visible in the Windows address bar up top.

It should work. Are you getting any Lua errors when you’ve start the single player server?

Hey, we fixed it. He had two steam folders on his PC from a reformat, derp :suicide:

I was actually suspecting that when I saw “Data LD (E:)” on the screenshot. Anyways, I’m glad it works! Feel free to contact me if you need any further help! :slight_smile: