No Addons in Garry's Mod

For some reason every time I go to play Gmod, it would tell me that I have no addons installed on gmod. I have addons installed from the workshop. I now sure if this is a glitch, bug or something. If anyone knows why, then please reply.

Do you have them enabled?

I’m getting this too, tried reinstalling steam and gmod on seperate occasions, running as administrator and changing download region.they download in steam but dont show in the addons folder or in game at all.

I guess wait for valve to fix it as garry is not exactly concentrating on gmod anymore.

Can you install other addons, is it just Garry’s Mod?

it downloads in steam, but not in gmod. Normally if i download somethting from workshop with gmod open it also downloads in game gmod.

I cant click install on the addons page in gmod either.

I have just downloaded some stuff from the workshop and it didn’t show it downloading when I was in garry’s mod. I’m not sure if it’s gmod itself or the workshop items.