No addons or new maps work

Ive had garrys mod for quite sometime now, and ive got a bunch of addons and maps and shit like that, then the game stopped working. so ive uninstalled and reinstalled it, now the game works fine. but all the addons and stuff dont work anymore. and i have downloaded a few maps and addons post-reinstallation and none of the new OR old stuff work. nothing shows up in the spawn menu. ive gone into the actual folders (garrysmod/garrysmod/) and all of the folders still have the info and crap in them still, just nothing shows up in the game. how do i fix this?

Where have you been installing these addons the second time around?

Remember, if the folder has an info.txt, it goes in addons, If not, it goes in garrysmod/garrysmod (you just merge the addon folders with all the materials/models/etc. folders).