No Admin Tab In Garry's Mod PointShop Menu.

Hello, today I installed pointshop on my Gmod Murder Server and I could not use the Admin tab, I have had pointshop before and have had the tab on an old server. I have custom groups but it is just superadmin with the S and A capitalized. Please help!

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Make sure the admin tab is enabled. Otherwise, you probably messed up your group inheritance structure. In the code, change all instances of IsAdmin() and IsSuperAdmin() to LocalPlayer():GetNWString(“usergroup”) == “Admin”.

I’m pretty sure that superadmin is normally read w/o capitals. Try changing the “S” and “A” back to lower case.

Yeah what Aeternal said, you need it to be lowercase.

You said in the code, does that mean in sv_pointshop or somewhere else in pointshop.


Ok, Thanks

I’m just going to say this again (many, many threads man), but don’t have a custom group above the default superadmin.
Sounds like you did create a new superadmin group…

also if you’re using ulx (or some others maybe), usergroups don’t use capitals, it get’s changed to a lowercase