No Advanced Ball Socket?

Hi there,

Couldn’t find any useful info on this but I don’t see my Advanced Ball Socket.

Is it removed in gmod 13? Can’t see to find an addon for this either.


It’s got advanced ballsocket.



It says the item was deleted, Can you give me an alternative link? ;s

Why did garry remove these tools?

It is unknown at the time, a good question though.

Are you logged in?
It usually says that when you’re not logged in for some reason.
If you are, I have no idea what’s happening.

i think the author deleted it, or it was automaticaly wiped, i noticed like 12 of my addons were taken off my subscription list from the workshop… sorta defeats the purpose.

I’m the uploader and it’s definitely there.
The workshop ain’t too bright when it comes to managing GMod addons for some whimsical reason.

Why was this removed from GM13? I’d like a response from Garry.