No airdrops after update

Hey Guys,

I noticed there are no more airdrops on my server (50players) where airdrop.min_players is on 10… Am I the only one?

maybe you dont have 10 players :o

Seeing as in how they specifically stated around 50 players were on when only 10 were needed…

Back to the point: hard to tell if you do not provide further details, such as if you are using a largely vanilla server or not.

Are you the admin? Did you change the default min from 50 to 10 again after server reset?

Server i’m playing have now 100+ players online and we had zero airdrops since the update.

yea my airdrops are set at 50, and i had 70+ players on all day since the patch, and no airdrops yet

i have no mods installed

Maybe they removed airdrops? Woohoo! :rock:

Airdrops were the worst balance problem in the game, good riddance if they are actually gone!

Yupp can confirm airdrops are broken. Dont work automatically

I have 50, as I wrote.

I always had it on 10. Its in my config file.

You might need to double check that config file. The patches in the past have reset the airdrop number on me, and I had to edit the file again.

when a server resets so does the config file

Its still 10 in the config file…

Nope. Settings are the same as before. Just retyped the command and still no drops

I can confirm this is happening on my server as well.

airdrop.min_players 10

Also on my server, winder whats up

no airdrops… rip rust

Can confirm too. Airdrop is broken.

Having the same problem on my server. No airdrops since patch, running Oxide though.

Friends with the admin of a server I play on. No airdrops, though he can call them in. However, the one time he did manually call it in, no one saw anything drop. Edit: Unmodded server.

  • for problem. For me - temporary solution - use rcon + cron. But its’ bad.