No build zone "spawns"

Have a bunch of areas as “spawn areas” where you’re not allowed to build anything but a wooden shack with a wooden door and whatever goes in it. I don’t know about other servers, but some griefers decide it’s great to build their bases in those spawn areas and shoot newspawns for lulz. Make the griefers walk for 1-2min in the open instead of taking potshots out of windows/doorways. Cowardice shouldn’t be rewarded with fun, game should be about risk.

I am myself an established guy with a house up in the mountains and I like to kill dudes that pose some kind of a challenge, but slaying newspawns in their spawn area is just dumb and shouldn’t happen. If you want to risk your gear, go ahead, but TAKE A RISK that you’ll get shot and fucked over instead of just closing the door to your airlock.


Hey, finding out that dicks live there asap is better than finding out later. find a better place to set camp