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Wiped 2/23/2014 10:31am PST. MODS: Oxide/doorshare/FPS/location/autokit/


Server Team Speak - comms.tacticaladvantage.com

A little about me. I am 30 years old, married, and have four children. I am a 13 year, 3 time combat veteran in the U.S. Army. I enjoy playing video games in my off time and I want to run a server that everyone can enjoy. I do not put up with stupid behavior from players, but try to facilitate a very open and “free will” environment on the server, i.e. say whatever you want but don’t be an asshat.

I am the sole owner and admin of the server so all admin issues can be taken up with me directly. There is no admin abuse on this server, and all suspected hackers or exploiters will be dealt with swiftly and firmly - I have zero tolerance for these two things. Over the top griefing is also not tolerated, such as boxing in someones front door. If a house is raided, however, dooring the house is not griefing.

Please come help me start this new freshly wiped server and let’s build a gaming community that everyone wants to be a part of. I check mods daily for updates and will have them all promptly installed.
Auto Starter Kit includes:

FIRST SPAWN Sleeping Bag Wood Shelter Wood Door Camp Fire Wood Storage Box 2 Small Med Kit
EVERY RESPAWN Hatchet Hunting Bow Arrow (10) Cloth Pants Cooked Chicken


Air drops are set to 20, get in here and get that first airdrop!

Also I will be looking for admins in the near future, loyal people will be my first choices.

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17 players already, get in here for the first airdrop at 20!

Good server. Just started playing here and am enjoying it.

Good server

great server with a great group of players. plenty of people that want to help and plenty of others you want to blow away