No bumpmaps on prop_static custom model

Hi, I have problem. Normalmaps/bumpmaps aren’t apearing on my model. It’s just flat an ugly, i’m traing to port model from CoD: Modern Warfare 3 to Source.
Here are screens
How it looks in MW3:

How it looks in CS:GO

Link to textures and VMT:

VMT of sofa file:

     "$basetexture" "sofa_fabric_swatch_gray"
     "$surfaceprop" "Metal"
     "$bumpmap" "sofa_fabric_swatch_gray_nml"

Have you any ideas why bumpmap doesn’t apear? Im trying to figure it out for almost 3 hours. Thanks for any help.

Try this

Normal mapping is not supported on models that receive per-vertex lighting. Try setting the prop_static’s ‘Disable Vertex lighting’ property to ‘Yes’.

Firegod522 I changed my texture to yours but still nothing.
03C0 I disabled it and nothing changed…
It seems that CSGO don’t see this normal map texture look at this screen:
after typing in console “mat_normalmaps 1” the sofa instead of showing normalmap is just… black :open_mouth:

EDIT: I’m so stupid! It didn’t work because I didnt put “models/” in file directory…
Now everything works fine :wink:

Normals override baked in static prop lighting though.