"No chance in hell mate"

Sorry about the awful picture quality, Photobucket.com does that, and i will probably get a moniter so i don’t use my laptops 1366x768 screen resolution,
hopefully the moniter will be 1600x900 or 1920x1080, i have no clue since i am just thinking about it.
Anyways i tried to make a cinematic-pose with Modern Warfare 3 Models and i think i did an alright job.
Not great, not terrible in my opinion.
I used Photobucket to make the Black Bars.
Also how can i use Dynamic Lighting/Shadows with my Intel HD 4000? I don’t know if it is because of my GPU that i can’t use it. Or possibly my Garrysmod.

Art submission 101: don’t apologize for your work. If you know that it’s not great and could be enhanced - do so and then upload if you think you really did make a difference.

This is material for this thread. And yes, people DO look in there.

Giant action bars don’t always add cinematic feeling and this is definitely the case. Low-res texture on the right does not add to the mood either. Unnecessary blur on the bottom of the picture. Colours seem really amped up and too vibrant for something with guns and soldiers.

I swear on my grandmothers beard, I cannot understand what is going on in the picture.
Russian troopers freaked out by a SAS hobo?
SAS hobo trying to give a bj to freaked out Russian troopers?
Ghost aiming at a SAS hobo trying to give a bj to freaked Russian troopers?
Everyone freaked out by a wrapped towel on the ledge?

Mind boggling.