No clip

Hi i though no clip was fixed.
until my 1x1 metal door house got “raided” with out my door or walls being damaged.
the guy killed me and took all the hi tier stuff.
on trello i cant find anything about this since fix.
so i think there is a new glitch.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

It could have been admin abuse. They can teleport to you anytime they want. Or then some weird raider blew your wall and rebuilt it.

i am aware that some one could replace a wall. stil nothing in the house was damaged and only hi tier stuf that a hacker would take is lost.

Or your door bugged out and he just walked in and out.

noclipping is an issue right now! watched two noclippers enter my tower… couldnt do anything about it… they just walked through doors and ceilings

wait what bug
when i used to play there was no such bug
and wy it it not on the trello?

doors sometimes float away like this: its a known bug

lol , it has happend to me to! its lagg i think