No-clippers are back (Official Facepunch #2)

So heres what happened pretty much, I had a house, closed with metal doors, and with spikes around the area.
So when I woke up this morning I was able to see that I was dead, I camp respawned thinking that they blew up my doors cause that was the only entrance pretty much…
I was amazed to see that all my crates are broken and that there are no broken walls, or doors. All the rooms protecting the main room had barricades from each side they were all in place. Every wall was in place, all the spikes were in place as well. Everything was gone, crates destroyed. I would like to know is there any way to find out who did this?? And how? I am pretty damn sure its no-clippers since I seen someone in the chat saying that someone is no-clipping his doors.

Yep seen plenty of em today… :confused:

He probably blow off walls?

Blew up the walls? Is that a joke? I said the room is protected from each side with barricades next to each wall, did you just post to get +1 to your post count?

When i raided on my own the other day i blew his spikes up with grenades put a large wooden storage box down aswell as a Barricade blew his wall took everything replace his wall destroyed the box i put down and the barricade and then made a spike wall and put it back LOL

In order to place the barricade down I did you’ll have to suicide. Its like an empty barricaded room.

you know what ? bunch of guys coming to you ur house with c4 then blow up all ur walls to your boxes , loot them, destroy then getting out and build new walls. do you understand me ? i hope yes