No Clue, Idea or Know how - Where do i start?

I know literally nothing about porting or modelling or anything that involves it but i’d really like to have a go at them. The work of Kali, Ninja and Simkas are just 3 examples of the many stuff that i use regularly along with many other ports so i’d love to give something back to the community and to see others using it in their creations.

I’d like to do Porting and Rigging. Not modelling, I asked two people i know and they explained.

However i don’t know where to start learning and doing it, thats what i need help with.

Here’s a good starting tutorial. It’s a bit generic at first but gives a decent explanation of Source-related stuff at the end.


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Hmm. Only one thing, i’d like to have my productions work in Garrys Mod as well, because i prefer it over SFM and others may prefer Gmod too. Will this work as well for that?

Gmod requires a collisionmodel, and SFM does not. So unfortunately it seems they don’t go over that.

The wiki has some good articles on it though.