No-Collide all Multi (Right-click nocollide)

Hey builders and Facepunchers.

This is my first Lua coded thing ever, there will be things done poorly, tell me what they are and how to make it better. 

and here we go…

[release] Do you hate going through your contraption and right-click no-colliding it before parenting, or being bitched at when all the parented hulls fall to the ground?

Well so am I, so I took it upon me to make my own No-Collide all multi tool. using it is easy, select all your props or use “use + mouse1” to auto select everything that prop is constrained to then right click to finalize what you wanted it to do.
Things it includes:

[li]A check box for turning collisions on or off
[/li][li]A check box for freezing or unfreezing
[/li][li]A check box for no-colliding all the select props to the prop you are looking at (makes it so adv. dupe dupes it
:siren:Mega Credits go to Hatred:siren:

please, post comments, criticisms and problems with my tool (like how to make the undone notify prettier).
thanks for reading.

:siren: **

when using this tool on a prop it won't collide with ANY prop at all or ANY players.

** :siren:

How does this differ from no-colide multi?

where no-collide multi creates nocollide constraints, this changes the collision group of the prop (think right click nocolliding) and it isn’t a constraint.

It works great, still I notice no difference from the old one.

the difference is that nocollide multi uses

constraint.NoCollide( Ent1, Ent2, Bone1, Bone2 )and mine uses:Ent:setCollisionGroup(COLLISION_GROUP_NONE) here’s the description from the wiki.

when using this tool on a prop it wont collide with ANY prop at all and it won’t collide with players.

its nice but my multi-weld tool has this option. (it welds all selected props to a single prop, not random welds between selected props like some other shitty tools)

ahh i just re-read your post again cool, and i thought i was being original :orks:. Ohh well but the reason this only no-collides to base and no-collides all is for servers like GGG where all contraptions are parented and 30 prop + welded contraptions are a no-no. So hopefully this will make all the players that parent but neglect to no-collide all their props change their ways.

Added new Tool with Dupe Support to OP.

Nice job, pretty useful.

What is the difference between this and right-clicking with the regular NoCollide tool?

this allows you to set whether it is on or off (you can have no-collide alled prop and no-collide all them again) and allows you so see what props you have selected.
E.G when making a big tank you are going to parent. its useful to use E+ Leftclick to select all and the no-collide all.

So you can tell which props are no collided with all, and undo the no collide all? Cool.

Very good tool, it would be cool if you explain more of the options and maybe colliding with players can be a option?

Just tested it some-more, when Advance duplicating, all the no collides don’t work, so it means if you play single player and no collide your work, when you go to a multi-player or another server the no collides will disappear. (the Dupes don’t carry the no collides over…)

So for this to work the server needs to install no collide multi which is a hassle when like 1 in 100 servers have it and you can be only on that 1 server to play.

My suggestion to improve this tool is Make the no collides able to advance duplicate if able to advance duplicate the no collide will be compatible in any server I think (Maybe I’m wrong)

Basically make this Tool work for any server¬! So building in single player with no collide multi can be used in any other multi server.