No Collide Player with Prop

I’m trying make an E2 to work like a Combine Shieldwall (Force Field), so it’s simple i just spawn a prop then put no collide to player and the prop but seems i cannot put no collide to player to prop or prop to player, Someone can help me?

Or Detect a collision and stop player from walking?

Or anyway to Spawn a Combine Shieldwall ?

I Just came from There, no one can help me there, my last hope is in here.

You can do it with lua, no clue about E2, haven’t used that since I started using lua.

You can disable collision between player and prop if you ApplyForce to the prop.

What i need to do is just disable the Player collision with a Single Prop. Not The Prop with all players and not single player with all props.

constraint.NoCollide seems not working with player.