No compile path for GUIStudioMDL!!


last weekend HL2 get somehow switched to the steam pipe system and now I can’t use it anymore for compile because the path (gameinfo.txt) which is needed is gone.
I tryed to download css and use this path but it also moved to steam/steamapps/common which makes it also unuseable for me. Does anyone know which path i should use now? Is there maybe a way to get HL2 back to the old path (steam/steamapps/<username>…) ?

I need your help desperately!!!

Set GuiStudioMDL to Episode 1, download Source Filmmaker, go into the usermod folder and find “gameinfo.txt”

Open it and change Game ID and Tools ID to 41010

Save the .txt and add Source Filmmaker to GuiStudioMDL on Episode 1.

Compile to Source Filmmaker and move the files over to the game you want them to be :wink:

Ah many thanks it works again :dance:

Well when I use episode1, GUIstudioMDL crashes. Good thing that orangebox works because that only accepts the latest qc commends :zoid: