No console errors, no viewmodels gravgun instant timeout for certain players

Hi !!
After the update, some of our addons are causing a strange bug:

  • If only one player is connected, all is good
  • After the second player is connected, the first player can see other players physgun grab trail (if they use physgun) started from him to grabbed props
  • Second and other players cannot see their weapons (their viewmodels aren’t on them but on the map at a different position (look screenshot)
  • If second or other players pick their gravgun, they instantly timeout from the server.
  • If the first connected player “retry” or restart his game then reconnect to the server, He’ll not have this bug and don’t crash if he takes his gravgun.

Strange viewmodel bug:

(sorry for my bad english)

We tested with two players, the first is ok, and don’t crash, the second have the strange bug and crashed on gravgun switch
After editing some addons, all seems fixed with 2 players, we tested with 3 players,
The two first players are ok, one of the 2 first can’t see his weapons randomly, the last is buggy, crashed with gravgun,
We removed some addons, the most things on our server is coded by our hand, we also edited a lot of NW vars to the proper values type,
We tested with 4 players, the first 3 players are ok, the last is buggy, 2 of the 3 first having invisible weapons, only one is good…

No error on server logs, nothing on client dump…
Wtf is going on? :frowning:

Can you pinpoint which addon(s) cause this?

The invisible players is happening on our servers as well (LifePunch) - we’re not using any premade addons.

We have tested with only DarkRP 2.6…
Error are still there…
All our addons are written by our hand (and we tested without)

I have this issue on my server… I take off all folder based and remove the collection tag and it works fine… I am thinking probably incompatible addons are making things quite flaky in Garry’s Mod with maybe the code or just a bad error probably still caused by code.

You should try to pinpoint the exact addon that causes this so we can look into it.

First of all test only workshop addons and then test only folder addons. That way you can narrow it down to half of your addons.

Nothing in the folder addons… Going to try workshop addons now!

Okay so I looked about… Its something I made XD One of my folder based addons is broken and I am really not sure which one… Makes me mad that it’s something I made because most of the things I have made keep the server together!!! So anyone who has this issue, Check things you made for out of date code or coding that will have issues in the future with new functions and such!

–Edit: There may still be workshop addons out there that break!! I will be looking over those as well.

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Another update again, Sorry… There is a workshop addon I edited and made a folder based thing, Its called buildmode… You type !build and it puts you into a mode so people cannot kill you while you are building… That may be the thing that breaks everything! I will try to find a link

Whatever the addon is, if installing it causes the bug to happen, I’d like you to upload that addon in this game-breaking form and post it here. ( Unless it is on workshop )

Its the addon itsself… My edits did not break it :stuck_out_tongue: Found that rather suprising!

Another NWVar misuse, it doesn’t make viewmodels disappear, it makes sandbox not give out weapons, and possibly more.

[Buildmode] lua/autorun/_kyle_buildmode.lua:46: attempt to call method 'SetNetworkedVar' (a nil value)
  1. v - lua/autorun/_kyle_buildmode.lua:46
   2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84

So yea, there are errors.

Nothing here, without addons, it still bugged…
We tried to switch to DarkRP 2.5.1 still buggy…
without any errors on client/server console,

more screenshot (players who don’t crash have this bug) :

and sometimes :

after typed “record blablabla; stop” on console, everything is ok:

some players still crashed when they switch to gravgun,
this players have this bug :

and record trick crash them…

We tested:

  • Without any addon
  • With only Darkrp 2.6
  • With only Darkrp 2.5.1
  • Installing fresh server (we are running on Debian 7)

The terrible thing is that we don’t have ANY errors…

Seems that some server owners have the same bug :

It could still be a NWVar issue within the addon its-self?

How the hell do we fix this

Wait for the patch … :suicide: