No Context Menu, No Console

Hey guys,

first: I’m from Germany so my english is not the best.

As you can see in the title, i don’t have a context menu and no console. Both is NOT listed in the key-binding-menu.

Context Menu:

No option to bind it. Binding it manually in the config (directly in config.cfg AND config_standard.cfg) doesn’t work either…


Is activated in menu (enable developer-console) but there is no way to bind. Not listed in binding-menu, start-paramater ( -console) in steam doesn’t work. Config-Edit doesn’t work…

Please help me <.<

If I remember correctly you can type

";con_enable 1; bind F12 toggleconsole;

in chat and it will bind console, you can do the rest from there. Make sure to INCLUDE the "; otherwise it will not work.