No Context menu! (Server)


Title’s just as it says, I’ve got no context menu on my server. None of the admins do for that matter. Holding down C will bring the mouse up and we can move it around, but clicking props does nothing. There’s not even the outline for NPC’s and junk. I’ve got no idea what’s causing this, and it could be a big problem if I don’t get it fixed… I went into SP to test it out and it worked just fine, so I’m pretty sure it’s just on the server. I did install a few addons that extend the spawnmenu and context menu, could that be an issue? No errors in console either, so I’m kinda thinkin’ I’m SOL here.;

Running Nutscript and don’t have too many addons. No idea what to do. And help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Context menu is only available in Sandbox or sandbox derived gamemodes.


I’ve played other gamemodes and had it working just fine. And the only way to do certain things in nutscript requires me to use the Context menu.

Update your NutScript gamemode. There’s either something wrong with the gamemode, or an admin mod is blocking all of the properties.

I don’t think I have an admin mod on the server. And I don’t think that I can update the gamemode, it’s already up to date I believe. You’re sure those would be the only reasons why I can’t access the menu?