No Context Menu

Hey everyone!

So uh, I’ve had Garrys mod for awhile now and when I push Q the menu works and everything, but when I push C all I get is my cursor. Example, i’m playing I push C and no context menu comes up, just my cursor. Help?
Specs are
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000 +
GeForce GT 220
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
143.2 GB Free

Also as a side note, 80% of download guns don’t work for me. They used to. Not sure what happend. I downloaded at least 5 gun packs, and when I shoot I shoot errors. Also my graphics card is new.

The Gun packs used to work, not sure what happend.

Help pls ;[

People use the context menu? I never do.

50 views 1 post. What is this ;[
And yeah. I wanted to use it. Not working D;
Also guns shoot errors. Didn’t always do that. What’s wrong D:

(Bump) You missed the Help section by a mile

I’ve the same problem! I can see only a cursor if I press “c”. :frowning:

EDIT: Found the answer myself…
You have to select something at the rigt column after you pressed Q. If there are stuff showing at that column you can press C too and see that.

Does your bullets that you’ve downloaded from packs come up as error too? ;[ that really pisses me off!