no could resist

He missed the bed. That lazy fucker.

I didn’t see the dude at first

I wonder what the hand lotion is for :pervert:

In the Soviet Union, Russian eaten hand lotion, but not for the fact that you thought

I am at a loss of what just happened.

Hand sanitizer.

Looks like he had a good night out.

Something like that.

very nice prop placement, post original?

is this scenebuild in city17map? looks very good i like the clock too it looks well blended

That’s because he no could resist the urge…

Ah the joy of after parties, he’s gonna have a living hell in the morning tho.

Really good job on the scenebuild, there’s not alot of people who take their time to go and place lots of props to make it more natural and unique. Good job, keep it up.

Considering all the blood, I don’t think he’s gonna have a morning.

Overall the build is nice, the shading on those jeans is just way too overdone imho.