No counter play to AKs

Is there plans in the future to actually balance the assault rifle?

It trumps the bolt rifle at range.

It trumps all shotguns at close quarters.

I realize it makes sense to have a gun that people should work toward, but to make it the only viable gun in every situation detracts from the game.

My friend and I enjoy pvp in the game, but whenever its only AKs everywhere you go the combat becomes so boring and one dimensional.

Please tell me the assault rifle is soon to be hit with the nerf bat :frowning:

Sorry but you’re wrong. Learn to shoot the other guns and most importantly… be stealthy and you can kill anyone with any gun.
Slug ammo (pump shotgun) and HV ammo (bolt) trump the AK. You can even win a radtown encounter with a thompson, the odds aren’t as bad as you act they are.

The point that makes you sad and bores you isn’t the AK, but people killing you. It’s not the AKs fault.

I second everything said in the post above, the pump shotgun with slugs will give anyone with any gun a fair run for their money.

This thread is nonsense

AK trumps bolt at long range? Are u kidding me?

Trumps shotguns at short range? What?

Give me a custom SMG with Silencer close range and ill tear you apart

The advantage the AK has over other guns is that it’s the go-to gun that’s good in all situations. It doesn’t excel at any. Nothing touches the bolt at range either in range or accuracy. And the pump shotgun or custom SMG will be far more devastating at close quarters. The Thompson is excellent at close to mid range.

It’s about using the right gun with the right ammo for the right situation. The AK isn’t the best. It’s just the jack of all trades gun.

I honestly hate the AK and it is expensive as balls. Thompson, P250 and Bolt if used correctly can kill an AK with ease. My advice is craft a couple P250’s they are so underrated and cheap to make!

Id like to use the ak but the combination of my fps and the fact that I cant handle to recoil makes me not.

Shotgun with Slugs is definetly more Deadly +++

And surprisingly accurate even at medium to long ranges!

This game has no counter to any gun cause its RNG as fuck, shooting in this game is shit since legacy

Dont think so sorry, the AK vastly out DPS’ses the custom in CQB

Whats DPS if u miss shots? with a Custom i get a tighter fire group but like i said CQB

This… DPS only counts if you can land it on your target.

Its not hard to not miss shots with AK tho…

Pretty sure it is covered in the equation…


Thats in a testing situation. Now in a real fighting situation i hit more with Custom in close quarters

And yeah i can control the recoil in the AK i land a lot of shots. But Custom SMG with silencer has almost no recoil i can just unload a clip on somebodies face with really high accuracy

It already does pitiful damage… and you are putting a silencer on it?

i don’t mind, anyway it still in alpha, need mechanics now, the content and balances comes in beta stage. OK?
off curse i guess xD

What? Actually?

Ehh… no. It really doesn’t (kinda depending on what ammo you use… arguably)

Personally I think the Bolt outclasses everything at very long range, pump shotgun outclasses everything at short short range and AK outclasses everything at mid-range which seems great to me in terms of making combat dynamic.