I thought my game would be harder without a crosshair, but when i put crosshair 0 and use a swep it comes back:( i want to disable it for everything and then enable it again. like an option. possible?

You have to go into the lua files of the sweps themselves. c:Program files/steam/steamapps/YOURUSERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/weapons/WEAPONNAME
Open “Shared.lua” in notepad, and hit ctrl+f. Then type “crosshair”, and search for it, and make the value “0” there.

you could copy all the Lua files, and put them in new folders, and put them in a new weapon category “No Crosshair SWEPS”, and, change the crosshairs in that, so you don’t alter the original SWEPS, just copy them with no crosshairs.