No crosshair in server

I’m not sure why, nor when, but for a few days now, there has been literally no crosshair at all! I’ve tried typing ‘crosshair 1’ in console but still nothing has done the trick, the crosshair is still missing.

Could someone enlighten me in the subject? Perhaps telling me which and where the crosshair file is located in FTP would help a lot!

Thanks in advance!

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What gamemode would this be? For your server or client?


A DarkRP server i’m modifying (so I mess with a lot of files)

Probably a addon you have downloaded that sets your crosshair to false

look for this kind of code

local function Hide( name )
if(name == “CHudCrosshair”) then
return false

hook.Add( “HUDShouldDraw”, “Hide”, Hide)

Set the chudcrosshair to true, or remove it.

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