no crosshair

Hi for some reason since the update i have no crosshair from the holo sights
and when i look up in the sky i can’t see it it’s like a trail of the last ‘world’ thing that i saw before looking up in the sky.

so using bolt or even M4 is pretty much fucked for me now :frowning:

anybody knows how to fix that?

already uninstalled the game/reinstalled
deleted the cfg, etc

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Woah, I just checked - you’re not the only one. They did update from Unity 4.0 to Unity 4.5, but was this problem pre-existant yesterday?.. I don’t remember. Verifying my game cache didn’t do anything for me.

Also if any of the developers read this: It seems to be a mishap with either texture loading or rendering in a layer? Maybe? From all I can tell in my position is that the sky[box] causes the Holographic to create a kind of “duplicated” effect:

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