No damage when moving

We’ve got a bug on our TTT server where sometimes weapon damage doesn’t register, especially when someone is moving, when stood still the damage registers perfectly. It doesn’t seem to be caused by lag since all the pings are fine. I’m not sure if this issue is related to TTT, because it also occurs on our prophunt server. Maybe someone else has run into this same issue and could offer some help.

Are you using custom player models or a modified weapon base ?

No, we’re not using either of those. It was like this since the mod was installed, only the damage has been increased a little, but I doubt that’d cause it.

Hi, I’m the owner of the server Bonanas is talking about with the issue.

I’ve installed Trouble in Terrorist Town through my server host’s Panel, and yesterday manually overwrote it with a Trouble in Terrorist Town.

It’s a hit and miss situation when it comes to weapons while you’re moving. You could be doing damaging to them, and see the blood, but no actual damage is made. When you’re standing still, they register perfectly fine.

Stabbing knifes don’t always work either. A lot of time it does, but not a 100% when moving.

We’re not using any custom weapons, custom models, only slightly modified weapons to carry more ammo and do a lil bit more damage, but this shouldn’t be the case.
It’s happening ever since I purchased the server, so it was already like this with clean default files.

What mod / add-on had you installed recently ?

I cant say I have ever experienced de-sync and hit detection that bad. However I have seen some servers where this has happened. I would recommend lowering your tick rate to 33.3 that will help performance wise. increasing it would in theory make hit detection better because it would be simulating the environment faster but it sounds like your server is under to much load.

I run a dedicated server and have a sprinting add-on even when running around I can still get perfect head-shots on moving targets. The blood effects can sometimes be inaccurate and they do not represent an actual hit.

Maybe installing a hit marker add-on would be a good idea that way you can see when the hit’s registering and possible upload a video to show how bad it is.

It sounds more like a server performance issues since you say it does this with a default install so make sure you try some different tick rates. This should help guide you when changing the tick rate

Keep in mind that TTT has always had issues with lag compensation and predicting player location.