No Damn Jackets and Cold is messed up!

I can’t see my jackets in my crafting menu, am i retarded or am i retarded. When i put on my roadsign jacket, all of my cold resistance goes to 0. pls fix this

There is a change skin button if you click on your jacket in the crafting menu.

There was a bp wipe today and armor makes your cold resistance go down. Just look for a jacket and research it.

so u mean we should look for the vagabond jacket and then we will have all of our other jackets?

Yes. You need to research or find the blueprint for the regular vagabond jacket before you can craft the other variations.

ok, now i understand… thank u :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what kind of bp the vag jacket is?

You don’t only need a jacket. Can’t you wear vests and other armor to stay warmer?

Hide vest and poncho together seemed pretty good.

i don’t know you well enough to vote on whether you are retarded or not.