No DarkRP Items

Hello, I’ve been setting up a DarkRP dedicated server, and everything works fine, people can join also, but I have a few problems. The first major problem is that you don’t start with the backpack or keys, and you start with a pistol and crowbar too. I’m on the darkrp gamemode and everything functions correctly, I’m on the newest updated svn of it too.

Second, when I try to bring out admin weapons, it doesn't work. I'm added as super admin on the users list, and still nothing, but it acknowledges it in Dark RP by saying my job is "Teh Owner".

Thanks for help in advance.

EDIT: Scratch the first problem, I fixed it. It was NewAdmin’s fault. I use evloution now, much better. I’m trying to use Roleplay Npc’s but when I try and spawn them it says I’m not an admin. I’m set as a super admin and owner, still nothing.