No data folder

there is no Data folder in my Garrysmod 10 so how i install adv dupe if theres no data folder someone plz help.

Where did you get Gmod?

I thought you had to make one yourself?

i bought it off of steam. and i went to get some addons and the intructions for adv dupe says to put in data folder and i cant find it. but garrysmod 10 runs great no problems.


i have to make my own? im trying to install adv duplicator 5

I’m not sure about a data folder, try putting it in your addons folder here: C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps<yoursteamname>\ga rrysmod\garrysmod

Data folder goes directly into C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps<yoursteamname>\garrysmod\garrysmod

no for adv dupe it says to put in my data folder but there is no data folder. do i make one?


you have to make the data folder


If you downloaded a full Adv dupe, you only need to throw that into addons. Data should be inside of ADV Dupe.

So, is it really all that hard to right click and create a folder? I mean if it isn’t there then you wouldn’t do any harm adding it and trying would you? :doh: