No decay Metal base

Hey, i noticed that i can repair wooden bases with wood but metal base i cant repair with metal fragments or even low quality metal. Why ist this? is the decay much longer? (base is like 5 days old)

Preventing Decay

Decay starts on a timer. After the last time you update your structure (i.e. opening/closing a door, turning on a campfire, etc.), a timer starts. It lasts for 12 hours on wood shelters, 24 hours on wood buildings, and 4 days on metal buildings. Once the timer reaches 0, the components of the building begin to decay, as described above. Updating your structure will reset the timer and halt all decay until the timer reaches 0 again. It will not, however, repair your structure automatically.

Repairing Decay

If a certain part of your base has decayed (e.g. a door), then you need to repair it with the resource used to create it. Metal fragment fix metal structures, wood fixes wood structures. To repair, place the resource that you will be using to repair in your hotbar (6 slots on the bottom of your inventory). Then, face the object that you wish to repair and press the key of the slot that your resource is in.