No Default Crosshair

i just started gmod and now i have no crossair
i tried crossair 1 and 0 in the console still no luck and removed some files that might have replaced it + tried a lot of Google entries

do any of you guys have a suggestion
EDIT: but i still have the HUD like the health ammo etc

Try going to your garrysmod folder, then go into the materials folder, and delete the HUD folder.

hey i had this problem when i first started aswell heres what u do:
open steam -> my games ->right click gmod -> properties -> launch options -> type in: -dxlevel 81 -w 800 -fullscreen

when you start the game u have to go into options then change screen size thats annoying but i use that one cause i had to reinstall it and couldnt find the original one.


ok set launch option as -dxlevel 81

I see no reason why he needs to lower his graphics without evidance.
Pc specs please.

this works for me . do not rate it “dumb” without seeing if it works