No devs in servers? hackers everywhere

I pay for a stupid 18 euro alpha crap, and still not a single admin on uk1 server?

Is this s big scam? if it is it is working selling this for 18 euros, you all made some nice millions right?

Some player named Toxic kill people single shoot in uk1 server, he plays with hacks.

We are spending lots of hours playing this and there not one single dev from game on servers to help player.

Fuck you all

(User was banned for this post ("rude/use the hackers discussion thread/welcome to alpha testing." - postal))

So play on a community server

Stop being mad bro its just a game

It’s alpha, you dense sack of crap. Don’t knock the devs because a few people decided to cheat. VAC is enabled, there is NOTHING else devs can do except wait it out. Hell, people cheat in every game, and you don’t see people crying on those forums, why rust? It boggles my fucking mind…

UK1 down, maybe they are fixing it :slight_smile: