No discount on sale? ( Steam Xmas sales )

I know it just started, but usualy when games dont have even a 10% discount they wont get any during the whole sale.
its a great chanse to get a boost for Rust ,i and my friends wants play this game and we want a good discount for the Xmass Steam.

£15 pounds or whatever amount of currency it is, is not much

A sale on a game thats in beta and already dirt cheap… Please stop trying to rob the devs and pay up lol.

I thought £15 WAS part of a sale.

The game is basically on sale as it is. I would easily pay 60$ for this game in its current state. I have definitely recieved 20$ worth of fun out of it. Or 15 euros to the euro users.

It’s already at a discounted price and it was just recently put on Steam for the first time, so I seriously doubt we’ll see a lower price during this Steam sale.

We’re not in the Steam sale because the game is early access and you should be fully aware of its unfinished state — not impulse buy it

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He its a kid , a totally immature kid , he dont even know about culture and other countryes. I cannot stand that kind of childish thinking , the only Dumb retard here its he :wink: See ya.

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Games that just came out rarely participate in the sales.

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