No dropping from active panel, no doors unlocking

Hello. I hasten to apologize for my English . I am writing to you from a distant snowy Russia , and translates my hand bear , playing the balalaika .
I bought a rust recently. The game is just wonderful . If not for one caveat .
Inventory loss at the death and destruction of houses killing game. I played PvP and PvE servers. And here and there in the gameplay does not make sense .
Why build a house if it will break griefers ? Why hoard and collect loot , if it can not protect ? I’ve already accepted the fact that leaving home in the morning , I shall lose all that time to accumulate .
I accept the fact that entering the server is not detected after a break of his house and inventory intact.
So just simply do not bother with the collection and the building , and just run and considering the neighborhood .
Dear developers ! If you do not want to release after all the players doing the same - limit the loss of objects and parlors .
I beg you!
Lock objects on the active panel , leaving only a backpack for loss . Make at least iron doors and walls indestructible .
Please do not make great project stronghold griefers and cheaters.