No Dynamic Shadows, or just bad placed?

Ok, my pc have 8GB or RAM, Graphic card NVidia GeForce GT 630 M 1GB, i5-3210M
I play at a resolution of 1920X1080
Water Reflets everything, high quality shaders, Textures and models at max, Shadows at High.
Result (this after re-installing, ignore the workshop downloader):

I used Lamp tool on these:

And flashlight at this one:

Ok, what’s going on? i mean, i thought there were no dynamic shadows, but at some spots they are projected, but…out of place.
Does someone knows how to fix this?? Or even if it’s possible? and Please don’t tell me it’s my pc, i just got it recently é_é

Your PC specifications seem fine. Do you have the latest graphics drivers?


-dxlevel 9.5

Actually, it’s -dxlevel 95, no dot.

It worked, everything is fine now.