No E-store selling t-shirts, hoodies, etc?

This games got around 1000 concurrect players and 10000 registered so far.

Unlike most games that are really in your face and flashy, rust is simple and unique and therefore would make a great catalog oh t-shirts

Things like the logo on a blank shirt, or an outline of a naked dude with a rock beating down a bear, these are all t-shirts that dont scream “loser gamer” but are just comical and represent this cool ass new game. This would only further profit the project and also help spread the word. I hope someone gives the a close look.

Wearing a RUST t-shirt to school would automatically place you in the lowest social interest.

No, wearing a CoD shirt would. But really either way social interest isnt based on your shirt bitch, if you’re an awkward neckbeard with a rust shirt then maybe.

So just dont be an awkward neckbeard

I wish there’s was a store for official Facepunch stuff. I would buy an FP logo hoodie immediately

The smiley would be cool


Why the fuck would you want a naked dude on a tshirt?

It is something we want to do… but we want to make clothes and stuff that we’re not embarrassed to wear. Not just a shirt with a game logo on it.

Do your avatar on a red hoodie. Subtle as fuck

Right… What’s embarrasing about a just a black outline of one of the in-game guys with no gear fighting a bear with a rock, that’d be funny as shit i don’t get it

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did a quick sketch of the idea, surprised it got shot down so fast. We all know wearing game shirts is lame as shit but there are a few that arn’t completely man-child status.

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This game is good, once it goes public and thousands are playing it will be much easier to make some swag. I’ll be waiting… =P

I’m probably going to keep posting concept art for t-shirts, or other swag

Anyone who stumbles in here can comment accordingly or feel free to post their own.


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More art, When are you guys going to tap into your inner creativity?


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Last one for the night, hope more people hop in here tomorrow

Well you do own the forum with some of the most talented designers on the planet, I’m sure they could come up with some amazing designs over in the creationism corner.