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Decided to do something on the subject … um … dudes in suits :smiley:



Everything is ok, except the muzzle flash. It should be bigger and way brighter. Look for reference pictures on the internet.

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Maybe something like this:


You made it worse.

I redid muzzleflash teper it looks better?


Now it looks like fire instead

No, he made it two times better

No it still looks like a flamethrower.

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You’re kidding, right?

How does a muzzleflash which happens behind the gun somehow appear in front of it?

Look closely

It starts to curve upwards a bit at the end.

I meant, something like that. I just noticed that it was too big.

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Dude, it was a 5 second edit to show how it should look like.

How did you do? x_X

He did well.

Search for muzzle flash pictures at Google Images with black background. Fire up Photoshop, put the muzzle flash on the top layer, set overlay mode (or something like that) to “Screen” and voila!

Oh Thanks :smiley:

Just curious, how did you do the muzzle flash in the first pic? It looks weird.

Picked up a brush fire, and altered its tool “Finger” :smiley:

Notice the end of the barrel? This part is called the flash hider. What it does is greatly decrease the flash of firing and there are holes in the side that let gas escape out the sides. Not sure why, but that’s what they do.

The ‘mini’-flashes themselves don’t actually exist, but in terms of GMod screenshots they do.

the only purpose of a flash eliminator is to prevent the flash from obscuring your view during night firing, hence why it usually directs the flash radially outwards with a gap lining up with the sights. that’s really all it’s there for, it’s not going to make the flash much less visible because you’ve still got the same amount of hot gas and unburnt powder leaving the muzzle.


I guess

mustard gas