NO entities in DarkRP!?

I have recently created a DarkRP server and it was going great. I got in my server one day and noticed ALL of my entities were gone. Printers, shipments, drugs, everything. I looked through the console and noticed this:

Registering gamemode ‘sandbox’ derived from ‘base’
Couldn’t include file ‘addentities.lua’ (File not found) (@DarkRP\gamemode\cl_init.lua (line 727))
Registering gamemode ‘DarkRP’ derived from ‘sandbox’

the lua file “addentities” is the file that contains ALL the entity information, but the coding looks correct. Im not sure what to do. I would appreciate any of the help I could get.

NOTE: Addentities.lua exists, its not gone.

Having same problem. Recieving this error in the cl_init.lua. the Addentities.lua is there in correct folder. I see no errors in either file.

I tried resolving the path to the darkrp folder, but still wont work.

UPDATE: Oh wow, it was one stinking comma in the addentitie.lua! Jesus, who program gmod? Cant learn how to ignore faulty lines.

Can you please post your addentities.lua and cl_init file?