No Entities?

I’m using the EP2 config. None of the entities are showing up in the lists.

Here’s a screenshot:

It does this in new maps too.

Can’t see the screenshot.

Also try reseting your game settings in Source SDK.

Lemme see if I can change some settings to fix the screenshot.


The heck? Do media tags not support .png’s or something?


After resetting my game configurations, it worked. It’d be nice to know what caused this though because it did it in the middle of making a map.

Hmm I see the screeny now, but I never experienced that problem. As I said before, try reseting game settings in Source SDK.

Hmm, thats a bit wacky. Are the point entities showing?

Nope. Resetting the config fixed it though. I was mad because I just set up a GMod config.

No entities are in the list because you didn’t tell the Gmod config what FGD file to use for entity definitions.

I did. It was working until I started messing with Visgroups in rp_castlehill. It worked fine for a while then just disappeared.

Gmod configs cause more problems than they solve. Better off using ep2 instead.

They cause problems for people that are stupid and don’t know how to configure hammer properly. I’ve been using custom configs in WC and Hammer since their inception and have had zero problems.

All of the problems that people keep whining about like no entities or no textures are a problem related to the space between the computer chair and the keyboard, not the map editor.

I did have it working perfectly for a while. It was in the middle of working on a map that it spazzed.