"No filming in the quaranteed area, sir!"

Now this one was hard, since it’s made by a low quality camera, yet, I don’t want filter rape, so I made two versions, one where it’s more real and risk of filter rape, one with hopefully abit less:


The one more likley to rape:


Oh, and, it goes without saying, this is my rimshot at the new engineer update.

Original: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/2741/ctf2fort0014t.jpg

Need to work on the posing next time.

Don’t ever use that texture tool that you did in the first one, that doesn’t look like camera scanlines and noise, it looks like cheesecloth.

Make a h2 x w1 or any increment of these numbers (h4 x w2) on a transparent background and make the top half black. Go to edit > define pattern.

Then go to the image you want scanlines on and select all on a new layer, right click > fill > pattern. select the pattern you just made with the name you gave it and hit ok, set to overlay or whatever looks good.

Also a picture with scan lines/camera type feel can be enhanced by using a vignette effect on the corners, and then making a copy of the original background image and use tranform > distort and move it so there’s a bubble effect or stretching effect on the corners (like a fisheye lense) and set that to overlay or screen or something, whatever looks best.


Also the font you used for “REC” doesn’t fit.
You should use a angular/blocky font that would generally be used on a camera.
You might want to also add in “sight” finders like a small bordered box in the very middle of the image and some 90 degree lines at the corners of the image (all transparent of course)

It’s the “infected”, isn’t it?

I felt I was rushing it with them :sigh:.


Oh, thanks for the advice. I’ll do that next time.

Why does the camcorder look like a security cam?

I also added a comment on your font and further editing to make it look more like a camera


It is also apparent that this was made to look more like a security camera, I realized this is shot like a camera being held by someone.

typically a camcorder would NOT have scan lines, but you could have desaturated it a little and set the color off.

If it was a camcorder being held, the person holding it would have had it higher and more to the right, probably with a slant down to the left.


If you REALLY wanted some distortion on a camcorder type camera, you could make it so that there is a sharp jagged line along the bottom that is like the picture is warping, then under the line the picture is moved more to the right than the upper part, or you could have it so it stretches downwards off screen, like the picture is running off

The posing is a bit off to me on the pyro, the first pic with filter rapes my eyes. What filter did you use for the second picture?

That effect hurts my eyes on the first picture.