"No!! Francis no!!" - Francis about to punch out Bill

Entry for the badass comp.

97% Gmod.

What I did in PS:
-Second colorcorrection
-small Rim edit (I mean really small…)

Badass editing, i love the lightning & scenery & angle

no good editing
i love pose

There is NO EDIT!!
That’s IN-GAME elements!..
And I did the edit on purpose as it’s dusty, and dark… aka, more glow then usual.

I think its awesome.

Weird, i can’t make that kinda lightning in game, what sort of blood settings you use? They look pretty good the way you picked 'em

Ooouuhhhh! Would hate to be in that guys shoes! Or face…

Great pic never the less!

Damn nice, better than anything id ever pose D:

Hmm, blood? Oh! you mean bloom XD
Anyway, For this I needed to combine lamps, and “lights” in order to get the result I wanted.
I also had to use some funiture in order to get the shadow correctly as lamps shine through doors.

After I was done with the lightning, which is about three lamps, and 4-5 lights.
I played around with the bloom, and color mod.
I also played around with the “paint” tool and painted “light” on objects (yes you can, in order to make them glow).
When I got what I wanted with this, I used SuperDOF put Blur to 10, and put the focal point on Francis, then using 1 in blur, and rendered, then save screenshot… (Forgot to apply 100 in screenshot quality)

Then, I took the image into PS, as it turned out to be a bit to dark on my secondary screen (I run a dualscreen setup, and my secondary screen is 100% correctly calibrated)…
So I used Image = Curves, and added a small curve to boost the light, and in the same time, boosting the glow, and tried to keep the shadows in place.

After this, I went around some of the edges with a 1px, round brush, and added some rim-lightning, and then glowing this to get the pleasing result I wanted.
After this, I used one of my previous images to crop it to the correct size, and adding some movie grain to put the cherry on top of the cake…

Original screenshot: http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g316/dominoegnallange/gm_urbex0009.jpg

YOU are in his shoes :wink:
(FPS view)

Zilo: tnx ^^ I DO have experience… just check out my compiliation thread :3


Damn awesome, and using the paint tool to paint light on stuff is amazingly clever.

Its what bill gets for elbowing Francis =3

Really amazing

“What the hell are you doing Francis!”


That is bad ass!

Bill would totally own Francis for sure, anyways sweet pose!

Oh yeah… Flee!

In logic anyway. he is a Vietnam vet after all. They have to know how to kick ass to survive.

10 points to Francis for stupid bravado:)

Whoa really nice work!

this is what he get’s for elbowing Francis :wink:
Do NOT mess with an angry biker!

Thanks for all the comments :smiley: