No-Frills Femme Pyro PLAYER MODEL

Can somebody turn this:
into a playermodel?

Can’t be done unless re-rigged

The sniper and the spy have been done

Yes, the models H4lf-D3ad used to make them were rigged to a CSS skeleton

Then lets rig the model up for CSS.

I don’t think its that easy

I know that, But if there is a way we can do this model then we could probably do the other ones too.

The only people I know who have successfully rigged some TF2 ragdolls to be used as players are Techknow (Made those Sniper and Spy models but not as Gmod players) and Snood

Well we could use a model decompiler.

A model decompiler isn’t going to re-rig it. I am pretty sure it requires going into 3DS Max or any well used modeling program and then re-rig from there

But if I decompile it then use the files in Blender I can rig it from there, Right?