No garrysmod folders install!

Hey guys,

I went to play garrysmod one day and it said i had missing map on evocity, so i checked my maps folder on single player in-game and only about 10 maps outta 200 i have were showing, so i went to my maps folder and all the 200 maps were there, then i checked single player and all my addons were gone too.So i deleted all my gmod folders and somehow i was still able to play(WTF?!). Then i uninstalled garrysmod off steam and reinstalled it. Then i checked my gmod folders and…there was no folders! i reinstalled the game and it installed no folders. Im all outta things to try so can someone help me please?

The folders are not actually created until you play the game, where they are extracted from the GCF.

I have played the game, I’ve been playing gmod for years >.< but since a garrysmod update none of my files are working

Everytime you re-install gmod, you have to go in-game atleast once for the garrysmod folder to appear. Have you been looking at the “other” map tabs?