No Gmod folder but gmod still runs.

Okay this is alittle messed up. Yestarday my steam was acting up so i deleted it and reinstalled it along with my games. I installed gmod, and it still had all the things i downloaded before it was all in the folder, but none of it was ingame. So i deleted the folder and tried loading it again, because usually it would just create a garry’smod folder for me. It didn’t. So i deleted all gmod content and re-installed it. Still no gmod folder in my account folders. But yet Gmod still runs perfectly with all textures there for the original packs. I’m not sure what to do with this. Can someone give me some insight to this?

After you Run Garry’s Mod And Quit it; See if the folder has been created.

Same thing happened to me, The folder re-created it self after i checked