No Gods, No Kings, Only Man.

bioshock meets chinatown

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I am pretty sure this man would be crushed due to a lot of pressure considering Rapture is in deep waters and he is wearing a normal military uniform some protection pads and a mask.

Other than that, i like it.

love it

shhhh… just imagine…ITS THE FUTURE

they have suppositories for that in the future

nice picture those guys look sexy as fuck

“Small fish in a big pond…”

Very nice!

Good stuff, man.

A man chooses, a slave obeys.

Thank you for doing a Bioshock image as well. Now I feel less crazy.
Have a medal, you’ve earned it.

Nice,been a while since I’ve seen a BioShock pose here,I’ll be making one as soon as that Rapture map be released,it certainly will make things easier.Have a medal.

chill, mayne. artistic license and all that jazz.