No gravity (for props) without spacebuild

Im making a space map, 95% done with it, just wanted to know whats the best way to make there be no gravity for ships outside of the main station area, where I do want gravity. There are a lot of gravity entitys and was wondering which one is the best to use. I dont want to use spacebuild. I think the main options I came up with was like trigger_push, func_gravity, and a few others. Any help on which is the best solution?

func_gravity would be best I think.

youve been wrong on 2 threads in a row now.

lol. I just looked at that and it only affects players. I need something that affects props.


Your avatar fits so perfectly with that comment.

you mean trigger_vphsysics_motion right? cause I dont have func_vphysics_motion

yeah trigger_vphysics_motion…
i always screw that one up haha

So why don’t you stop spamming like a cunt, and actually contribute?

Also trigger_vphysics_motion can affect players and props and everything else, @ OP

Yeah, trigger_vphysics_motion was exactly what I was looking for, thanks.